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The Phonetic Zoo is a teacher-guided phonetically-based audio spelling program.After a short introductory lesson, students independently take spelling tests until mastery of the list is achieved. Students learn spelling rules incrementally, which will help with future spelling, and personal spelling lists ensure that all a student’s spelling needs are addressed. The spelling program is for students in third grade on up and consists of three levels (A, B, and C).

Once you know what level, simply purchase the Phonetic Zoo Spelling Starter Set A,B or C. It has everything you need to begin.

To determine the level your child needs to start at, take the Spelling_Placement_Test_1.pdf

Click here to learn how to get started and how to use the Phonetic Zoo products.

It will answer all of the following:

  •     How does the Phonetic Zoo teach spelling?
  •     A Multi-sensory approach
  •     A brief review of basic neurophysiology
  •     Spelling is sequential
  •     Maximizing frequency
  •     How long will it take to complete all 47 lessons
  •     Support
  •     Guarantee

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