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Spelling is Sequential When we look at a word, we see it as a whole, so the correct sequence can be missed. This is why most workbook spelling programs don’t work. Auditory input and then spelling the word out loud, letter by letter, ensures accurate storage of the correct sequence in the brain, which allows for correct retrieval and accurate spelling.

All About Spelling, The Phonetic Zoo and Advanced Spelling & Vocabulary options available.

For your younger students who are not yet ready for The Phonetic Zoo, we recommend All About Spelling, Levels 1–3.

When they have finished Level 3, they can either continue with All About Spelling or now start with The Phonetic Zoo, Level A.

Once they have completed the Phonetoc Zoo levels A, B and C, they can use the Advanced Spelling & Vocabulary programme. Using the same auditory, frequency, and mastery approach as The Phonetic Zoo, these nine different sets of MP3 spelling and vocabulary lessons by Andrew Pudewa, Dr. James B. Webster, and Maria Gerber will help prepare your student for a wide range of studies. This program is intended for self-directed study, with students independently learning and testing their knowledge.

To determine what level to start your student on, download the  Spelling_Placement_Test_1.pdf

Note that we sell all levels of the All About Spelling Program

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